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. She is the younger and older sister of fellow main characters Jacob and Chris Redfield, Claire is an avid motorcyclist, and a member of Terra Save. She was present in Raccoon City during the t-Virus outbreak, and was a fundamental figure in the Anti-Umbrella movement.


After the death of her parents from a terrible car accident, Claire lived the rest of her life with her young and older brother, Jacob and Chris. Claire is really close with Chris and Jacob the three developed a bond with each other. At the age of 19, Claire is a college student who loves motorcycles. After hearing the news about the mansion incident in the Arklay Mountains, Claire heads to Raccoon City to see her brothers.

http:// Claire's specal bond with Jacob 

Claire has a bond with Jacob because she worrys about him only because she loves him.

Claire is really close to Jacob she is afraid someone might hurt him


Be careful Jacob